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The input image is flipped vertically, horizontally, or both ways in this operation. This is also known as "image mirroring." Simply add a new hash named flip to your request JSON to flip (or mirror) your images. Flip takes two Boolean parameters horizontal and vertical and these are self-explanatory.


* Instantiate new `$picsmize` by calling a constructor

$picsmize = new Picsmize('your-api-key');

* Provide a publicly available image URL with fetch(string) method,
* and flip the image horizontally

->toJSON(function ($response) {
if ($response['status'] == false) {
throw new Exception($response);

* You'll find the full JSON metadata array within the `$response` variable.
* Remember to always check if the `status` property is set to `true`.

if ($response['status'] == true) {
print ($response['output']['src']);
} else {
print ($response['message']);
curl -X POST \ \
-H "apikey: your-api-key" \
-H "content-type: application/json" \
-d '{
"img_url": "",
"process": {
"flip": {
"horizontal": true

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Given the input image 750px × 300px
Resizing An Image Online
Flip the image horizontally
Compressor Photo
The resulting image is a 750px × 300px image flipped horizontally